Tour through Farmhouses and Country Estates

We will drive on provincial and dirt roads through beautiful towns of Seville province before getting at different farmhouses and country estates.

Each team will be equipped with all information and materials to carry out different scoring challenges (optional) during an adventurous tour.

It is a half-day programme; each team will be composed of 4 people (1 vehicle per team). All vehicles will be delivered at the Departure Point (Olympic Stadium Parking). Optional: all vehicles, road-books and program will be delivered inside the Stadium, so the teams will leave directly from there.



Ctra. de Mérida- El Garrobo

La Calera Farmhouse


El Esparragal Country Estate


1180 km aprox (Half-day programme)


Each team will drive its own vehicle (different sizes and types), and will be provided with a complete roadbook, that includes every detour and route to follow to reach the final destination. The roadbook includes several challenges and riddles that participants shall solve before getting to the Country estate. Once there, they will have the opportunity to take part into different workshops.

These challenges on route will be ranked by our Staff. We will combine 4×4 Tour and cultural activities or games, while driving through beautiful towns in the Seville and Huelva province.

Option to carry out challenging activities on route

Teams can take part into different activities during the tour, in order to establish a closer relationship with the surrounding environment and local people. To reach this goal, each team should face different challenges to make their experience something unforgettable.

Participants shall experience real adventures that would leave them a really good memory of their unique experince with us and their colleagues. We will make our best to make them enojoy ur tours the most!