Route through Aracena & Peaks of Aroche mountains

In this Andalusian area visitors can experience a tour through charming places, surrounded by unique limestone formations. Moreover, they can enjoy the most important product of these mountains, such as JABUGO Iberian ham.

The landscape changes according to altitude and humidity. Holm oaks fields turn into cork plantations in one area, while the higher fields are usually covered by Pyrenean Oaks woods, such as the Natural Site of Solana de los Bonales.


09:00h: Briefing at the hotel and delivery of documents, keys contracts and vehicles
09.45h.- Start of the Route.
11:15h.- Coffee break (Castillo Las Guardas)
11.45h.- Recover the Tour towards Aracena.
12.20h.- Arrival at Aracena.
12.40h.- Arrival at Linares de la Sierra.
13.00h .- Stop at Alájar/ Arias Montano Rock.
13.30h.- Arrival at JABUGO
14.30h.- Lunch at JABUGO
17.00h.- Back to Seville

Duration of the Program with lunch: 7/8h.
Total Kms: 200 aprox.


You will pass through beautiful small villages, such as Gerena, between the Sevillan ountryside and The Northern Sierra. The “Castillo de las Guardas”, a medieval town that also conserves Dolmen remains, de época medieval, halfway to Huelva province villages. In Aracena you can find the Templar Castle and the stunning “Grutas de las Maravillas” (Caves of Wonders). Before arriving to Alájar, we will pass through Linares, where you can enjoy incredible views from the topo of the mountain called “Peña de Arias Montano”. Finally we will reach Jabugo, that is well known for its excellent Iberian ham.