Doñana Tour

Each team will drive its own 4×4 vehicle and follow a roadbook that includes every detour and route to follow to reach the final destination. The roadbook includes dirt roads (most of them)  and Guadalquivir river crossing on a barge. The Tour will end up at the famous Rocío village.


It is a full-day programme; each team will be composed of 4 people (1 vehicle per team). All vehicles will be delivered at the Departure Point.

The tour will include provincial roads in the Doñana surroundings (Pre-Park) and sandy roads before getting to the Rocío village. We will drive the same way used by the several brotherhoods taking part in the famous Pilgrimage to the Rocío Hermitage in May.

Each team will be equipped with all information and materials to carry out different scoring challenges during an adventurous tour.



Option to carry out challenging activities on route that will be ranked by our Staff. We will combine 4×4 Tour and cultural activities or games, while driving through beautiful towns in the Seville and Huelva province.